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Are you Looking to grow your Christian circle?

We believe in the power of collaboration and the strength that arises when a community comes together for a common cause. Our monthly networking events go beyond the ordinary—they are a celebration of local non-profits making a difference in our community.

Our Mission

our mission is to help foster meaningful relationships through common faith, values, and interests

Our Founder

Ana Megrelishvili founded the Christian Professionals Network Worldwide (CPNW) in Atlanta, Georgia, blending her passion for positive change with actionable initiatives. CPNW goes beyond typical networking by integrating business relationships with service-oriented values, fostering global community transformation.

Grounded in Christian principles, Ana ensures CPNW serves as a collaborative hub, uniting leaders to pursue societal betterment. Monthly networking events not only facilitate professional connections but also spotlight local non-profits, offering hope and inspiration.

Ana’s commitment extends to her roles as a board member for Gift-Wrapping Stars for Children and chair of the Saprea gala committee, where she leverages her expertise to uplift vulnerable communities.

She shares her journey of healing and resilience in her book, ‘Finding Courage to Change’ while also contributing to ‘Powerful Female Immigrants: Volume 3,’ sharing her inspiring journey from Georgia to the US.

Ana’s impact extends to co-authoring ‘Success Redefined’ with Jack Canfield, earning her recognition as an Amazon Best-Selling Author. With a BS in business management from Berea College and an MBA from the University of Kentucky, completed in just 11 months, Ana exemplifies excellence in both personal and professional spheres.

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Hear From Our Members

Olga Dru
Attending the CPNW networking events has been a game-changer for Gift Wrapping Stars for Children. At one of the CPNW networking events, I met a generous sponsor whose support has been instrumental in serving more children. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people at these events. Each gathering not only provides opportunities for professional growth but also offers a platform to spotlight local non-profits, like Gift Wrapping Stars, inspiring hope and collaboration.
Lisa Clinkscale
I became a member of Christian Professionals of Atlanta to expand my professional network. I am so proud to be part of such a diverse network of professionals who support each other’s businesses, careers, and goals. I also love that CPOA believes in giving back and helping non-profits that serve our community. This is a great opportunity to meet amazing people you would not otherwise have known or met and to learn and grow professionally.
Robert McNeily

Christian Professionals of Atlanta is the must join group if you are interested in making a global impact with a local focus. Christian Professionals Network Worldwide is building an organization dedicated to advancing Christ’s Kingdom by connecting busy professionals and visionaries committed to the greater good of humanity. I have proudly been a member for over one year now and I am constantly impressed at the growth of the community and the quality of the network. This is not just another networking event but a group of believers ready, willing, and able to help you grow in your career while promoting and serving Christians in their vocational journeys. Be prepared to learn, connect, engage, and serve with some of the most successful and interesting Atlantans as you build lasting Kingdom impact for Christ and His people! What are you waiting for? Join today!

Kenya Hughes

Ana Megrelishvili has been an instrumental part of my growth as a community relations manager at Heart for Africa. From the beginning, I have been privileged to witness the exceptional growth of Christian Professionals Worldwide, and I attribute much of our success to Ana’s unwavering passion for people and her ability to connect with like-minded professionals. Her unique skills have made Christian Professionals Worldwide unparalleled in the business networking industry. Without her drive and determination, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Ana’s commitment to making the world a better place through supporting local non-profits is what sets her apart. She believes in changing lives one person at a time, and that’s why I am proud to support this organization.

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